“Lovers In Malibu”: Adele Was Spotted On a Secret Date With a New Boyfriend!

Adele, a famous singer, has found happiness after going through a tough divorce. She was spotted having a meal with Rich Paul, an American sports agent, at a fancy restaurant in Malibu. Adele seemed relaxed and comfortable, wearing a black outfit consisting of an oversized shirt and loose-fitting trousers.

She accessorized with a Hermes Birkin handbag.

During their date, Adele appeared to be in a great mood, engaging in lively conversations with Rich, who was dressed casually in a bright green hoodie and blue jeans. Adele has recently returned to her touring schedule after taking a three-month break, mostly spent at her residence in Las Vegas.

She admitted feeling nervous before going on stage, as it had been a while since her last performance in March.

Adele also made a candid confession about experiencing a fungal infection after sweating excessively during her concerts in Vegas.

She mentioned having shingles and itchy skin in her groin area, which was a new and unexpected experience for her. Despite these challenges, Adele remains dedicated to her music and enjoys performing for her fans.

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“Lovers In Malibu”: Adele Was Spotted On a Secret Date With a New Boyfriend!
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